Strategic Self Care is for business leaders and visionaries, writers and innovators, movers and shakers. It brings awareness to the parts of ourselves we historically ignore to draw deeper meaning and fulfillment from our work.

It’s a set of practices that brings strategy to identifying what you really want, understanding your why, and creating space for positive change.

“Strategic” self care is more than massages and yoga retreats. It goes deeper.

It’s a personal mastery and recalibration mindset made up of easy, actionable tactics that bring immediate value and support.

This mindset is organized around 5 Pillars:

Celebrating Small Wins

Grieving Losses

Saying No


Asking for Help




About Me

I’m a crime novelist, a business leader, a non-profit board president, and a Self Care Consultant helping people maximize their strengths and get out of their own way to bring more happiness to their work and life.


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